Development of science, technology, and production management and handling of post-harvest primary agricultural crops.

Domain and Scope

Development of science, technology, and production management and handling of post-harvest primary agricultural crops, which include:

  • Development of cultivation techniques for the supply of planting material and crop maintenance
  • Development of science, technology, and management of agricultural production with environmental insight for the welfare of farmers
  • Development of production field management and market-oriented farming systems
  • Development of technology to improve the quality of agricultural products
  • Development of harvest technology and handling of post-primary harvest
  • Development and diversification of types of plants and their use
  • Development and application of integrated crop-based farming systems

Main Research Topics

  • Research the combination of various factors of production and the efficiency of their use to achieve maximum, quality and sustainable production
  • Technical research and management of plant propagation, seeding, land preparation, planting, irrigation, fertilizing, ZPT administration, and plant maintenance.
  • Research on techniques and management of harvests and primary post-harvest handling
  • Market-oriented research management of production fields and farming systems
  • Research on increasing land use efficiency through space and time management
  • Research to increase the type and portion of yields of economic value in plants
  • Research and development of sustainable farming systems, integrated farming, organic farming and agroforestry
  • Test adaptation of cultivars and clones to growth media and location-specific production technology
  • Research on the development of cultivation techniques in order to increase land productivity in suboptimal conditions


Undergraduate Program:

  1. AGH 240 Fundamentals of Horticulture
  2. AGH 242 Plant Cultivation Techniques
  3. AGH 340 Food Crop Science
  4. AGH 341 Plantation Plant Sciences
  5. AGH 441 Post Harvesting of Agricultural Plants
  6. AGH 442 Plant Production Management
  7. AGH 343 Vegetable Plants
  8. AGH 344 Ornamental Plants and Flowers
  9. AGH 345 Non-carbohydrate and sweetener carbohydrate plants
  10. AGH 443 Fruit Plants
  11. AGH 444 Refreshment, Medicinal, and Aromatic Plants

Master and Doctoral Programs:

  1. AGH 541 Advanced Agonomics
  2. AGH 542 Horticulture continued
  3. AGH 641 Crop Production Modeling
  4. AGH 642 Development of Plant Production
  5. AGH 741 Current Topics in Plant Production

Faculty Members

  1. Dr. Ir. Ade Wachjar, MS
  2. Dr. Ir. Purwono, MS
  3. Prof. Dr. Ir. Roedhy Poerwanto, MSc
  4. Dr. Ir. Iskandar Lubis, MS
  5. Dr. Ir. Krisantini, MSc
  6. Dr. Ir. Supijatno, MSi
  7. Dr. Ir. Ketty Suketi, MSi
  8. Ir. Winarso D Widodo, MS PhD
  9. Prof. Dr. Ir. Anas Dinurohman S, MSi
  10. Dr. Ir. Sugiyanta, MSi
  11. Dr. Ir. Heni Purnamawati, MSc Agr
  12. Dr. Ir. Ahmad Junaedi, MSi
  13. Dr. Ani Kurniawati, SP MSi
  14. Juang Gema Kartika, SP MSi
  15. Dr. Deden Drajat Matra, MAgr


Prof. Dr. Ir. Sri Setyati Harjadi, MSc.