Development of seed science and technology in the context of procuring quality seeds/seedlings.

Domain and Scope

A container for the development of seed science and technology in the context of procuring seeds, which includes:

  • Development of seed science through the study of anatomy, reproductive biology, physiology, biochemistry, health, and seed modeling
  • Development of production technology, processing, storage, testing and quality control of seeds
  • Development of production technology and quality control of certified seedlings
  • Review of seed regulations, policies, and institutions

Main Research Topics

  • Research on the biology of seed plant reproduction in the framework of producing quality seeds
  • Research and development of seed production technologies including seeds and artificial seeds
  • Research on handling and storage in order to maintain seed viability and vigor
  • Research on seed invigoration
  • Biological seed treatment research to improve health and seed quality
  • Development of methods and techniques for seed analysis
  • Development of seed modeling
  • Study on seed system and policy
  • Design and development of processing, testing, and simulation tools for storing seeds

Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Ir. Satriyas Ilyas, M.S.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Memen Surahman, M.Sc.Agr.
Dr. Tatiek Kartika Suharsi, M.S.
Dr. Ir. Endah Retno Palupi, M.Sc.
Dr. Ir. Eny Widajati, M.S.
Dr. Ir. Asep Setiawan, M.S.
Dr. Ir. Abdul Qadir, M.Si.
Dr. Ir. M. Rahmad Suhartanto, M.Si.
Dr. Ir. Baran Wirawan, M.Sc.
Maryati Sari, S.P., M.Si.
Candra Budiman, S.P., M.Si.
Ahmad Zamzami, S.P., M.Si.
Okti Syah Isyani Permatasari, S.P., M.Si.


Prof. Dr. Ir. Sjamsoe’oed Sadjad, MA


Undergraduate Program:
AGH 250 Fundamentals of Seed Science and Technology
AGH Seed storage and quality testing

Masters and Doctoral Programs:
AGR 551 Design of the Seed Industry
AGR 651 Seed Science
AGR 652 Seed Biology of Plant Reproduction
AGR 653 Seed Physiology and Biochemistry
AGR 654 Seed Storage Ecophysiology
AGH 655 Seed Production
AGH 656 Seed Quality Analysis
AGH 657 Biophysical Seeds
AGR 751 Quantification of Seed Metabolism
AGH 752 Capita Selecta Seed Science and Technology