International Scientific Journal Guide (SCOPUS Q3 Journal)

International Scientific Journal Guide (SCOPUS Q3 Journal)

Subject: Agricultural and Biological Science – Agronomi and Crop Science

I compile this information for our colleagues (University staffs and Researchers from Research institutions in Indonesia) who intend to publish their research finding and look for a SCOPUS Q3 scientific journal. The following list (Table 1) is for you to consider.

I purposely selected only 23 out of many scientific journals available in the SCOPUS Database. For a complete list of the alternative journal, please go directly to SCOPUS website.

In the Table 1, I provide links to the journal and to the publisher information so you can browse further information about the specific matter you want to further explore. I hope the following information is useful to you who are in need of finding SCOPUS Q3 journal. Good luck in your scientific writing.

Compiled by:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudarsono, MSc.

PMB Lab., Departemen Agronomi dan Hortikultura, Fakultas Pertanian, IPB, Bogor, INDONESIA


Table 1. List of scientific journals (SCOPUS Q3) for various topics related to plant science (agronomy, crop science, horticulture, etc.).

No. Nama Jurnal & Coverage Asal Negara Aspek Scope
1 Turkish Journal of Field Crops (SCOPUS: 2009 – on going) Turkey, Society of Field Crops Science Turkish Journal of Field Crops is the official publication of Society of Field Crops Science. It offers the latest developments in research to scientists active in field crops. The Journal includes only the original research papers about breeding and genetics, agronomy, physiology, forage crops, medicinal and aromatical plants, biotechnology and utilization.

Turkish Journal of Field Crops is indexed and abstracted in: Science Citiation Index Expanded (SciSearch), Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, CABI Abstracts: Crops Physiology Abstr., Field Crops Abstr., Grasslands and Forage Abstr., Plant Breeding Abstr., Seed Abstr. and the ulakbim of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

2 Tropical Plant Pathology (SCOPUS:2008 – on going) Brazil, Sociedade Brasileira de Fitopatologia Tropical Plant Pathology – Fitopatologia Brasileira is published under the name Fitopatologia Brasileira since 1976, on behalf of the Brazilian Phytopathological Society, located in Brasília, Federal District. The journal is published bimonthly. Tropical Plant Pathlogy – Fitpatologia Brasileira begins with vol. 33, issue 1, January-February 2008, following the sequence of numbering of its predecessor, which was published from 1976 to 2007, Vol. 1 to Vol. 32. The journal”s short title is Trop. Plant Pathol. which should be used in footnotes, bibliographical references and strips.
3 Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (SCOPUS: 2006 – on going) Germany, Verlag Eugen Ulmer GmbH The Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (JPDP) is an international scientific journal that publishes original research articles, reviews, short communications, position and opinion papers dealing with applied scientific aspects of plant pathology, plant health, plant protection and findings on newly occurring diseases and pests. “Special Issues” on coherent themes often arising from International Conferences are offered.

Scientists are encouraged to submit manuscripts on virtually all aspects of plant diseases, pathogenesis, integrated plant protection, biology and molecular biology of viruses, bacteria, phytoplasms, oomycota, fungi and herbivores, including nematodes, mites, insects, snails and rodents. In addition, manuscripts on the interaction with the host plants are welcome.

JPDP has a significant interest in all aspects of plant protection, including research describing the mode of action and efficacy of pesticides as well as pesticide resistance. Monitoring, forecasting and application technologies will also be a included. Although JPDP primarily focuses on plant diseases and protection, hence the name of the journal, it also considers manuscripts on legislative aspects.

Prerequisites for research results to be published in the JPDP are a clearly stated hypothesis on the novel elements dealt with in the contribution, which in turn should be based on a thorough analyses going beyond the mere description of a novel biological agent or process.

We accept manuscripts from all over the world provided that the themes and research areas are of relevance for European plant health and protection.

4 Plant Genetic Resources: Characterisation and Utilisation (SCOPUS : 2003-on going) UK, Cambridge University Press Plant Genetic Resources is an international journal which provides a forum for describing the application of novel genomic technologies, as well as their integration with established techniques, towards the understanding of the genetic variation captured in both in situ and ex situ collections of crop and non-crop plants; and for the airing of wider issues relevant to plant germplasm conservation and utilisation. We particularly welcome multi-disciplinary approaches that incorporate both a technical and a socio-economic focus. Technical aspects can cover developments in technologies of potential or demonstrated relevance to the analysis of variation and diversity at the phenotypic and genotypic levels
5 Plant Protection Science (SCOPUS: 2007 – on going) UK, Taylor & Francis original papers, short communications, critical reviews, personal news, and book reviews covering all areas of diseases and pests of plants, weeds and plant protection. Papers are published in English
6 Sabrao Journal of Breeding and Genetics (SCOPUS: 2008 – on going) JAPAN, Society for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO) The following types of articles are acceptable to the SABRAO Journal of Breeding and Genetics:

  • Research articles describing research that expands the existing knowledge in a specific
  • Short communications (concise articles describing preliminary findings )
  • Reviews or mini-reviews (thorough review of literature with interpretations)
  • Commentaries (opinions or personal reflections)
  • Methods (description of methodologies that can be used in plant breeding or research)
  • Tutorials (clear descriptions of topics to communicate specific research topics to a broad audience)
7 Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture (SCOPUS: 2006 – on going) United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates University The “Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture [EJFA]” is a unique, peer-reviewed Journal of Food and Agriculture publishing basic and applied research articles in the field of agricultural and food sciences by the College of Food and Agriculture, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates.

EJFA is publishing 12 issues per year per volume. Issues will appear online prior to printing. And, soon after final acceptance, the article with abstract and doi numbers will appear in e-Preview issues section. PDFs will be uploaded as per schedule.

There are NO Submission/HandlingPublication/Subscription charges, and the articles are published online with full open access. Further, the corresponding author will get one complimentary copy of the printed journal.

Special Issues

Any researchers can submit proposal for organizing special issues, but the final decision will be from editorial office. And, special issues or proceedings are also considered from Conferences and Seminars. The organizing secretary can request for special issues.

8 Journal of Crop Improvement (SCOPUS: 2004 – on going) USA, Haworth Press Inc. The Journal of Crop Improvement provides an international forum to evaluate and review the latest advancements in basic and applied aspects of crop improvement and production, including seed science and technology. The journal directly addresses emerging issues, new strategies for new needs, and future challenges of crop improvement, production, and seed science, especially those leading to a secure world food supply and resource conservation using environmentally-friendly technologies. The Journal of Crop Improvement intends to create a unique niche in the crop improvement, production, and seed science literature by not only publishing research and review articles on varied issues but also by developing a series of thematic issues on cutting-edge topics or research fronts in the field.

The journal is a welcome and respected source of unparalleled, preeminent knowledge. Articles aim to: reveal novel concepts; achieve a new synthesis based on multifaceted, multilevel, and multidisciplinary approaches; identify key gaps in the knowledge that might be addressed by further research; and offer technical solutions to critical global problems in crop improvement, production, and seed science. Articles are presented in an understandable format, which can be directly used by students, teachers, researchers, practitioners, and advisors in the fields of genetics and plant breeding, molecular biology and biotechnology, transgenic crop technology, agronomy, soil science, crop physiology and biochemistry, ecology, agroclimatology, plant pathology, integrated pest management, seed science and technology, agrobiodiversity and other cognate sciences that are of prime interest to crop improvement and production.

Guest editor(s) are welcome to propose special thematic issues for consideration. Those interested in guest-editing a thematic issue of the Journal should submit a proposal to the Editor-in-Chief ( (examples of special issues can be found in volumes 10 and 14 of the Journal). The special issues, upon approval by the Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher, can be published simultaneously as a book.

9 Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences (SCOPUS: 2011 – on going) Pakistan, Pakistan Association of Advancement in Agricultural Sciences Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences is published in English four times a year. The journal publishes original articles on all aspects of agriculture and allied fields. Research papers, short communications and review articles are published based on their scientific content. All manuscripts are subjected to extensive review by a panel of national and international referees. Acceptance of manuscripts depends on their quality, originality and relevance to the Journal’s scope.
10 New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science (SCOPUS: 1989 – on going) New Zealand, Taylor & Francis Aims: The New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science plays an important role in disseminating information to researchers in universities, research institutes, and other centres, on all aspects of the production, protection, handling, and processing of temperate crop and horticultural products of relevance to the Australasian region.

Scope of submissions: The New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science publishes original research papers, review papers, short communications, book reviews, letters, and forum articles. We welcome submissions on biotechnology, entomology, plant nutrition, breeding and pathology, postharvest physiology, soil science, viticulture, biosecurity, new crop and horticultural products, and descriptions of new cultivar releases. The journal welcomes work on tree and field crops, and particularly encourages contributions on kiwifruit, apples and wine grapes.

11 Australasian Plant Disease Notes (SCOPUS: 2009 – on going) Australia, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Publishing Australasian Plant Disease Notes is an international journal for publication of short reports from all countries which describe original research that transcends national boundaries. All aspects of plant pathology are covered including new geographical records of diseases or pathogens, new pathogens or pathogen strains, taxonomic papers, quarantine notes, disease management and diagnostic methods.
12 Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics (SCOPUS: 2002 – on going) Germany, Kassel University Press GmbH The Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics is a peer reviewed journal that publishes papers and short communications dealing with research in the Tropics and Subtropics in the fields of plant production, animal nutrition and animal husbandry, soil science, agricultural economy and farm management, forestry and forest economy, veterinary hygiene and protection against epidemics.
13 Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences (SCOPUS: 1993 – on going) INDIA, Indian Journal of Fisheries for the Indian Council of Agricultural Research – It is devoted to experimental agriculture and is abstracted by all the major abstracting services.

– Articles are included on cytology, genetics, breeding, agronomy, soil science, horticulture, water use, microbiology, plant diseases and pest, agricultural engineering, economics and statistics. – Emphasis is on original articles, from India and countries having similar agricultural conditions. – Short notes are published on preliminary data of topical value. – Review articles are written by experts who are capable of pointing out at lacunae in research, and suggesting future lines of work.

14 Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences (SCOPUS: 2006 – on going) Pakistan, Asian Network for Scientific Information Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences is a peer-reviewed scientific journal seeks to promote and disseminate the knowledge by publishing original research findings, review articles and short communications in all areas of biological sciences, including cell biology, developmental biology, structural biology, microbiology, molecular biology & genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, biodiversity, ecology, marine biology, plant biology, and bioinformatics. The Journal publishes papers based on original research that are judged, after two international reviews, to make a substantial contribution to the understanding of any area of biological sciences. It aims at rapid publication of high quality research results while maintaining rigorous peer review process
15 Journal of Oil Palm Research (SCOPUS: 2008 – on going) Malaysia, Malaysian Palm Oil Board JOURNAL OF OIL PALM RESEARCH, an international refereed journal, carries full-length original research papers and scientific review papers on various aspects of oil palm and palm oil and other palms. It also publishes short communications, letters to editor and reviews of relevant books. JOURNAL OF OIL PALM RESEARCH is published four times per year, i.e. March, June, September and December.
16 Open Agriculture Journal (SCOPUS: 2012 – on going) Netherland, Bentham Science Publishers B.V. The Open Agriculture Journal is an Open Access online journal, which publishes research articles, reviews and letters in all areas of agricultural science. Topics covered include, agronomy; plant and animal breeding; genetics; agricultural biotechnology; crop physiology and agroecology; soil science and agroclimatology; agricultural economics and rural sociology; and sustainable systems. Agricultural biotechnology (including tissue culture, molecular markers, molecular diagnostics, vaccines, genetic engineering, genome editing as well as synthetic biology) to modify living organisms: microorganisms, fungi, plants and animals).

The scope of the journal includes but is not limited to:

  • Crop protection and Cultivation
  • Animal Science and Aquaculture
  • Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Development
  • Environmental implications of agricultural land
  • Horticulture
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural Sciences, including Genetics and Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Environmental Sciences, including prevention and correction of adverse environmental effects (e.g., soil degradation, waste management, bioremediation)
17 Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University (SCOPUS: 1996 – on going) JAPAN, Kyushu University Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University publishes researches done in the faculty and its attached institutes and laboratories. It covers a very wide range of disciplines such as Plant Science, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Soil and Groundwater Studies and Social Sciences. This page provides the submission guidelines for the Journal and the check sheet for submissions.
18 Asian Journal of Crop Science (SCOPUS: 2009 – on going) Pakistan, ANSInet Asian Journal of Crop Science is high quality scientific journal publishes the original research on Tropical Crop Science that can be readily accessed by researchers and development leaders in Asia and rest of the world. The scope of the journal include: crop agronomy, production, genetics and breeding, germplasm, crop protection, soil sciences, postharvest systems and utilization, agroforestry, crop-animal interactions, environmental issues and agricultural information. Asian Journal of Crop Science is a refereed journal. The acceptance criteria for all papers are the quality and originality of the research and its significance to our readership
19 Journal of Agronomy (SCOPUS: 2006 – on going) Pakistan, Asian Network for Scientific Information Journal of Agronomy is a highly quality peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original articles, reviews and short communications of a high scientific and ethical standard in the field of crop sciences. Subjects covered include: crop physiology, crop production and management, agro-climatology and modeling, plant-soil relationships, crop quality and post-harvest physiology, farming and cropping systems, agro-ecosystems and the environment. Journal of Agronomy is a refereed journal. The acceptance criteria for all papers are the quality and originality of the research and its significance to our readership
20 Legume Research (SCOPUS: 2008 – on going) India, Sashi Offset Press The Journal is an official publication of Agricultural Research Communication Centre. It is designed to bring out the original research articles on genetics, breeding, physiology, bacterial activity, production, quality, biochemistry and seeds of legumes crops. The objective of the journal is to serve as a forum for scientific community to publish their research findings on legumes anis to provide basis for new research. The journal is being scanned in the important indexing and abstracting journals of the world.

Related Subjects:  All Subjects related to Pulses and Crop Science

21 International Journal of Fruit Science (SCOPUS: 2005 – on going) USA, Haworth Press Inc. The International Journal of Fruit Science disseminates results of current research that are immediately applicable to the grower, extension agent, and educator in a useful, legitimate, and scientific format. The focus of the journal is on new technologies and innovative approaches to the management and marketing of all types of fruits. It provides practical and fundamental information necessary for the superior growth and quality of fruit crops.
22 Israel Journal of Plant Sciences

(SCOPUS: 1994 – on going)

UK, Taylor & Francis Israel Journal of Plant Sciences is an international journal of extensive scope that publishes special issues dealing with all aspects of plant sciences, including but not limited to: physiology, cell biology, development, botany, genetics, ecology, evolution, ecophysiology, plant-microbe interaction, agronomy, and soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

Guest editors solicit original research papers, review articles, mini-reviews and short communications, for inclusion in topical special issues.

All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by experts selected by the Editorial Board. The journal has a prompt review process, with individual accepted manuscripts published online prior to the publication of the special issue.

23 Fruits (SCOPUS: 2005 – on going) FRENCH, E D P Sciences Fruits is a scientific journal for original articles and reviews on fruit crops in temperate, Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical regions. Fruits covers a wide range of subjects (agronomy, physiology, genetics, crop protection, postharvest storage, product processing and marketing). In each issue, Fruits presents a list of forthcoming meetings and new books published on the fruit topic.